Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

ISA 100 Wireless Standard
The ISA100 Committee was set up by the International Society of Automation to address wireless manufacturing and control systems in the following areas:

  • Environment in which the wireless technology is deployed
  • Technology and life cycle for wireless equipment and systems
  • Application of Wireless technology

GTH is proficient in these new security standards and how they relate to a wide range of applications, facilities, and systems.

Phoenix Contact Trusted Wireless 2.0 I/O
Radioline is the new wireless system for large systems. It offers ease of use and flexibility with a number of features:

  • Easy start-up using thumbwheel means no programming required!
  • High degree of reliability with new Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology
  • Range of up to several kilometers
  • Flexible network construction - supports both point-to-point connections and complex mesh networks
  • Fewer devices required thanks to integrated RS-232/RS-485 interface
  • Extendable up to 32 I/O modules

Honeywell Process OneWireless
OneWireless™ Solutions help sites tackle critical industrial challenges in the areas of reliability, safety and process efficiency. The solutions include Honeywell’s wireless field instruments, mobile computing devices, wireless networks, advanced applications and facility management applications. Honeywell’s portfolio includes:

  • FlexLine Radar – This tank gauging system performs effective monitoring of storage tanks with high degrees of flexibility, reliability, and quality.
  • OneWireless Adapter – The OWA 100 OneWireless Adapter enables users to easily gain access to the information locked in their HART devices and bring it into any ISA100 compliant control system.
  • XYR 3000 I/O Modules – These wireless multiplexers provide a simple and reliable means of implementing a wireless solution and improve plant safety and process efficiency.
  • XYR 6000 – This transmitter family includes instruments for accurately measuring (sensing, processing, and wirelessly transmitting) temperature, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, valve position, analog signals, digital inputs and digital outputs



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