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Industrial Process - Bio-Pharmaceutical - 3/3/2014 -

GTH Uses WIN-911 to Send Alerts for Solvent Delivery System
A pharmaceutical company located in the Southern California area that synthesizes peptides was looking to automate how they transfer various solvents from their storage rooms to production rooms. GTH designed a control system consisting of multiple level, pressure, and oxygen sensors as well as a Modicon M340 PLC and HMI’s for control. A Wonderware SCADA system was also used for monitoring, trending, and alarming process conditions. When the customer needed solvents transferred, they were selected at the HMI and pumped from the containers in the storage room to different rooms on the opposite of the facility..

The Challenge
The automating of this process greatly improved their production output but with any automated process notifications and alerts are required. In order to keep production moving smoothly, the customer required notification of solvent supply levels as well as verification that their waste collection containers were routinely emptied. Most importantly, they required alarm notifications in case of emergencies. Leak notifications were extremely critical due to the flammable and hazardous nature of the solvent.

The Solution
The WIN-911 software was installed on the same computer as the Wonderware SCADA software making the integration of the systems seamless. This gave the WIN-911 software access to all of the same
SCADA process information. Two notifications were created: "General” and "Alarms”. The General notification was structured to call production and maintenance personnel to notify them of solvent levels and other production-related conditions. The Alarm notifications were setup to call in response to after-hours emergencies when the process was unmanned. This system gave the right people real-time information when they needed whether on or off-site so they are able to coordinate production efficiently.

Benefits include:

  • Both types of notifications allow the customer to call the SCADA system to review process conditions as well as acknowledge any existing notifications.
  • The WIN-911 software also makes it easy to add, remove, and modify notifications.
  • The Alarm notifications calls Management and Engineering personnel notifying them of solvent leaks, emergency stops, and low oxygen levels in rooms.

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