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Industrial Automation - Mining & Mineral - 2/24/2014 -

GTH Creates Automated EPA Reporting for a Mercury Recovery System
Mercury is both toxic to the environment and to human health. As such, Congress authorized the EPA to enforce certain regulations regarding mercury emissions as part of the clean air act. As part of this act, all facilities that burn toxic waste or emit mercury gases, must be contained, scrubbed of all mercury before being discharged into the atmosphere1. Mercury is a naturally occurring chemical and is a byproduct of certain mining techniques that are used to extract gold from raw ore. As part of the permitting process for facilities that are using these mining techniques, the EPA mandates that all systems installed for the use of scrubbing mercury gases be automated and monitored. The most common method of scrubbing mercury from the ore, before it is vented into the atmosphere, is using a report.

The Challenge
A mining customer approached George T. Hall Company that is using a report as part of the mercury recovery system. The report system was already automated but had limited data collection capabilities. Data collection consisted of several stand-alone devices that required personnel on-site to periodically go to each site to collect the data.

The Solution
This data would then be imported into a central Microsoft Excel document and used as the report tool to the EPA. George T. Hall Company coordinated all efforts to configure, install, and start-up the new data acquisition system using Invensys Wonderware System Platform, Historian, Information Server, and Dream reports. 1. http://www.epa.gov/hg/regs.htm
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