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Industrial Automation - Bio-Pharmaceutical - 8/25/2014 -

GTH Automates Pharmaceutical Plant with Electronic Data-logging
A Pharmaceutical facility located Southern California contacted the George T. Hall Company looking for a solution to upgrade their antiquated paper based data logging system. With multiple Kettles requiring temperature, pressure, batch number, date and time recording that needed to be included in this upgrade, the George T. Hall Company started by looking at a paperless recorder solution.

The Challenge
The George T. Hall Company proposed the addition of the Honeywell QX touchscreen video recorder to each kettle and the Honeywell Experion SCADA software on the central plant computer to oversee production. The recorders would be providing local indication, alarming, batch entry, and date and time. With this application the need arose for a central SCADA system, the Honeywell Experion SCADA system would also be providing, redundancy, custom screens, historian database, report generation, and plant wide monitoring. Communication via a CAT5 cable, the QX recorders were networked back to the plant floors central computer where the Honeywell Experion SCADA software gathered all the data, displayed multiple trends, and provided one touch report generation for easy access by maintenance and supervisors. This also added the luxury of being able to instantly e-mail reports and data collected by the recorders to other departments and search through past batches if necessary. As a bonus the George T. Hall Company included Honeywell’s IQOQ certification software. This allows the user to easily upload the recorders setup and screens and generate the IQOQ documentation automatically. This saved GTH’s customer countless man hours and paperwork. With all programming and setup being done by GTH Technicians and Engineers this custom upgrade was performed and completed with as small amount of downtime for each kettle. Most of the Recorder and Experion programming was done prior to the onsite installation, and since GTH Technicians are well suited to working with the Honeywell software, the project was completed in a timely manner.

The Solution
The end result for this Pharmaceutical facility was less down time due to mechanical chart failures, more accurate recording, easy access to reports and historical data, and redundant recording allowing them to continue production even during a computer failure.
Benefits include:
  • Communication with central computer giving plant wide monitoring from one location
  • Paperless Data Acquisition
  • Redundancy measures to protect from failures
  • Easy to access digital data

SX Recorder


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