George T. Hall Company Featured Partners

Honeywell Process Solutions
Honeywell Process Solutions is an industry leader in the development of solutions that integrate field equipment and data, distributed control systems (DCS) and advanced process control with enterprise resource planning.
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Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a world leader in energy, power, automation and security solutions. Their expertise ranges from building control systems in hotels and hospitals, up to integrated PLC/SCADA solutions in large Water and Wastewater or Mining applications.
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The TrakSYS software from Parsec has been designed with the idea that manufacturing software should help you do your job, not become the job. TrakSYS helps you achieve peak performance by gathering and analyzing data from machines and people, and sharing that interlligence across the enterprise.
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Honeywell Thermal Gas Train
Honeywell Thermal Solutions
Honeywell Thermal Solutions is the new division of Honeywell which is committed to providing combustion and heating solutions that are safe, reliable, efficient, and clean.
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Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact provides a wide range of electrical and automation products for many sectors of industry. From control cabinet components to an integrated system, they have the technology you require.
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EZ Zone Watlow
Watlow is the largest custom designer and manufacturer of industrial electric heaters, sensors and controllers in the U.S. Watlow brings its thermal expertise to numerous applications, including semiconductor processing, energy processes, food service and life sciences.
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