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Honeywell Process Measurement & Control

Honeywell Process Solutions is an industry leader in the development of solutions that integrate field equipment and data, distributed control systems (DCS) and advanced process control with enterprise resource planning. Their expertise is unmatched in markets such as oil and gas, power generation, life sciences, metal, minerals and mining.

Process Instruments
Honeywell offers a wide range of process instrumentation including paper and video recorders, digital controllers and analytical instruments.

Field Devices Honeywell's wide range of pressure transmitters, gas analyzers, flow meters and level sensors can be found in large industrial process facilities around the globe.

Experion SCADA Experion SCADA from Honeywell is a powerful software platform that incorporates innovative applications for human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

OneWireless The Honeywell OneWireless Solution is comprised of Honeywell's distributed control system, wireless field instrument, mobile computing devices, wireless networks and facility applications; all integrated to improve reliability, safety and process efficiency.

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Honeywell Thermal Solutions is the new division of Honeywell which is committed to providing combustion and heating solutions that are safe, reliable, efficient, and clean. The HTS division is comprised of the leading brands in thermal technology, giving them an unmatched portfolio of products for a wide range of industries.

Honeywell Combustion Safety Burner controls, combustion efficiency systems, gas valves, and actuators

Honeywell Eclipse Burners, recuperators, heat exchangers, and combustion systems

Honeywell Maxon Natural gas burners, low NOx burners, gas valves, flame monitoring, and combustion systems

Honeywell IFM Viewing heads, signal processors, IFM accessories

Honeywell Krom Schroder Gas trains, valves, filters, regulators, and burner management systems

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Schneider Electric is a world leader in energy, power, automation and security solutions. Their expertise ranges from building control systems in hotels and hospitals, up to integrated PLC/SCADA solutions in large Water and Wastewater or Mining applications.

The Modicon PLCs from Schneider provide scalable, modular architecture that is configurable to meet the needs of even the most critical solutions from a single rack system to a plant-wide architecture.

Citect The Citect SCADA software offers best-in-class solutions for your industrial process automation needs, incorporating the latest technological innovations and options.

Energy Products Scheider offers a number of products designed to conserve energy and improve building efficiency including Variable Frequency Drives, power meters and energy monitoring systems.

Pelco Video Solutions Pelco offers the industry's best security cameras and video surveillance systems including analog cameras, IP cameras, DVRs, video management solutions and thermal imaging camera systems.

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Phoenix Contact provides a wide range of electrical and automation products for many sectors of industry. From control cabinet components to an integrated system, they have the technology you require.

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of wireless products including Wireless Ethernet, Wireless I/O, Wireless Serial and Mobile phone networks

Industrial PCs From small operator panels and powerful Industrial PCs to complex visualization software for extensive automation systems, Phoenix Contact has your solution.

DC Power Systems Phoenix offers a comprehensive range of power supplies from single and three-phase power supply units to DC/DC converters; all of which offer maximum reliability for your control system.

Network Management Phoenix Contact carries a wide range of network equipment including Ethernet switches, gateways and hubs. They also carry the additional panel components such as terminal blocks, relays and protective devices.

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Watlow is the largest custom designer and manufacturer of industrial electric heaters, sensors and controllers in the U.S. Watlow brings its thermal expertise to numerous applications, including semiconductor processing, energy processes, foodservice and life sciences.

Electric Heat
Watlow offers a variety of heaters including cartridge/insertion, tubular, flexible, immersion and circulation heaters.

Process Controllers Watlow manufactures a wide range of temperature, process controllers, and limit controllers as well as their new, integrated multi-function controllers.

Temperature Sensors Watlow supplies a variety of temperature sensors including thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and thermistors, as well as wire, mineral insulated cable, connectors and hardware.

Operator Interface Watlow offers a number of operator interfaces to give users an easy-to-use, reliable and affordable interface to machines and systems.

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