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Industrial Cybersecurity

With the prevalence of wireless networks, smart devices, and remote monitoring in Industrial Automation, cybersecurity concerns have increased dramatically over the last few years. GTH closely works with local industry groups and our key manufacturer partners to stay on the forefront of technology to protect your data as well as the integrity of your process.

ISA99 Cybersecurity Standards
The ISA99 Committee was set up by the International Society of Automation to establish standards, recommend practices, and create technical reports and related information that will define procedures for implementing electronically secure manufacturing and control systems. GTH is proficient in these new security standards and how they regulate the hardware and software systems and associated internal, human, network and/or machine interfaces across all types of plants, facilities, and systems.

Wonderware by Scheider Electric
In an effort to earn your digital trust, Wonderware has launched their new TRUST website. This site is designed to communicate Wonderware’s security approaches and best practices that serve as the foundation for their IIoT and SaaS efforts.

The Online InSight solution from Wonderware offers analysis, implementation and management to services to keep your plant safe from cyber intrusion. They use the most up-to-date security standards available and all customer data is stored in a patented multi-tenant architecture that is logically segregated and segmented. They also offer physical security through multiple Microsoft Azure data centers. Users can add, modify, and remove users from their account, giving them granular control over who has visibility and access to their control system.

Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions
Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) is at the forefront of Industrial Cybersecurity technology. Their Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions help plants and critical infrastructure sectors defend the availability, reliability and safety of their industrial control systems and plant operations. Honeywell’s managed services and solutions are designed for the specific needs of process control environments including Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Refining and Petrochemicals, Energy and Power, Minerals, Mining and Metals, and Pulp and Paper. In addition to their service and support offering, they are continuously invest in processes and technologies to improve their products and prevent future cyber-attacks. Click here to download the Managed Industrial Cyber Security Services whitepaper.



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