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Many of us in the HVACR industry look forward to the AHR Expo (ASHRAE Show) every year. It is without doubt the largest trade show of its kind in the USA and probably the world. The AHR Expo draws virtually every major manufacturer of HVAC equipment, refrigeration equipment, hydronic pumps and boilers as well as all of the related industries like controls, hardware, software, tools, filters, belts and even service and construction vehicles...


The George T. Hall Company (GTH) is proficient in a wide range of Commercial Integration products including Building Automation, Niagara Software Integration, Video/Security, Energy Metering and Monitoring and Commercial Combustion. With our alliances to vendors such as Honeywell, Schneider Electric and Pelco, we are able to provide all the products you need to get the most out of your Commercial Building.

We are experienced in a number of Commercial industries including:

National Account
Comfort helps keep customers coming back over and over again. GTH is up to date on the newest technology to bring comfort to customers and energy efficiency to help save money.
>> Learn more about National Account solutions.

Hotel and Hospitality
With a verity of automation options for hotels, GTH is well stationed to assist you with ways to save money and keep a level of comfort for hotel guest and staff.
>>Learn more about Hotel and Hospitality solutions.

School and University
GTH can provide solutions for Building Automation within School Districts and Universities which can allow remote access to multiple sites, this can help with Preventative Maintenance, Comfort Control, and helps one supervisor do the work of many.
>>Learn more about School and University solutions.

GTH offers a number of training courses on products and solutions for Commercial applications. To schedule an on-site training course please contact us today!

Aerospace Manufacturer upgrades to Honeywell LCBS

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