Wonderware Alarm Adviser, Sorting Through all the Alarms
10/27/2016 2:21:33 PM
Wonderware Alarm
Sick and tired of getting meaningless alarm after alarm from your supervisor system of your plant operations and missing the critical alarms that are lost in the sea of alarms? It's time to let the Wonderware Alarm Adviser sort everything out and give you what you are looking for. Wonderware now has a scalable, web-based alarm analysis software that helps you manage all the alarms and shows you which ones matter the most in your plant facility. There are major benefits for Engineers and Operators by improving awareness and effectiveness of the SCADA system and helps reduce alarms quantity and improves the quality of the alarm notifications.

The Alarm Adviser is compatible with Wonderware system platform 2012 v3.5 and higher and Wonderware InTouch 2012/v10.5 and higher.

For more information please contact your local George T. Hall Company Representative.

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