UL Listed Control Panels July Solution Spotlight!
7/5/2016 2:47:50 PM
UL Listed Control Panels
The George T. Hall Company panel shop personnel in Northern Nevada and Southern California are experts at designing and building quality control panels that incorporate both technologically innovative products and methods. Our Project and Manufacturing Managers supervise each step of your project from design to delivery, while our team of Field Technicians provide programming and start up assistance. We also have outside sales force proficient with UL standards who can assist with compliance issues. Our industry knowledge and experience make GTH the right choice for your next panel project!

UL508A approval is intended for industrial control panels built for general industrial use, operating at a maximum voltage of 600 volts. This equipment is designed for installation in standard locations, in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) where the ambient temperature does not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It also covers industrial control panel enclosures, industrial control panels intended for flame safety supervision of combustible fuel type equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and for control of industrial machinery including metalworking machine tools, power press controls, and plastic injection molding machinery.

This equipment consists of assemblies of two or more power circuit components, such as motor controllers, overload relays, fused disconnect switches, and circuit breakers or control circuit components, such as push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches, timers and control relays, or a combination of power and control circuit components, with associated wiring, and terminals. These components are mounted on, or contained within, an enclosure, or are mounted on a sub-panel.

For the full text on these approvals and their requirements, please visit www.ul.com!

The UL698A requirement covers industrial control panels intended for general industrial use and installation in unclassified locations with intrinsically safe circuit extensions into the following hazardous (classified) locations in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70.
  • Class 1, Division 1
  • Class 1, Zone 0 and Zone 2
  • Class 2, Division 1
  • Class 3, Division 1
  • Zone 20 and Zone 21
The industrial control panels covered by these requirements are assemblies consisting of components such as motor controllers, overload relays, fused disconnect switches, and/or circuit breakers and related control devices such as pushbutton stations, selector switches, pilot lights, timers, switches, control relays and the like with associated wiring terminals. In all cases, the enclosure is provided as part of the assembly.

These requirements cover equipment for use under the following atmospheric conditions:
  • An ambient temperature not exceeding 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • An oxygen concentration not greater than 21 percent by volume
  • A nominal barometric pressure of one atmosphere
For the full text on these approvals and their requirements, please visit www.ul.com!

GTH Photo Gallery
GTH has been in business since 1932. In our 80+ years we have designed and built hundreds of control panels for Industrial, Combustion and Commercial control applications. The photo gallery on our website shows samples of panels we have manufactured for applications such as Mineral and Mining, Water/Wastewater, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and more.

Contact the GTH branch near you to learn more about our UL Control Panel capabilities!

Download the July Solution Spotlight!

Download the July Solution Spotlight!

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