TRABTECH's Extended Warranty
7/3/2014 1:00:00 PM
Phoenix Contact
TRABTECH’s Extended Warranty

Why should you use surge protection?
Surges can lead to costly equipment damage as well as system downtime. Installing quality Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) on power, signal, coaxial and data lines provides complete protection against damaging surges and ensures system availability. Phoenix Contact SPDs offer superior protection and permanent system monitoring with early error detection capabilities, ensuring reliable and interference-free operation of any application.
Benefits include:Valueline PC
  • Operational availability
  • Process reliability
  • Self-sacrificial SPDs prevent destruction 
  • Extended component life
  • Power and signal quality
  • Cost of unplanned system downtime
  • Better return on investment (ROI)
  • Cost of repair and replacement
The Power supply warranty
You can increase uptime with a high-quality power supply from Phoenix Contact! By reducing surge vulnerability it will further increases uptime and extends the life expectancy of the power supply. Phoenix Contact’s TRABTECH surge suppression devices protect the power supply from damaging surges and increase uptime. Phoenix Contact upgrades the standard five-year warranty against defects on the MINI, TEP, QUINT and TRIO power supplies to a five-year unconditional warranty when using Phoenix Contact’s recommended surge protection solution.

All Phoenix Contact Wireless Products carry a standard factory warranty of one year from the date of purchase against manufacturer defects. With the purchase and installation of the recommended Phoenix Contact power supplies and surge suppression devices, Phoenix Contact will extend the warranty of the radio hardware to five years from the date of purchase!

Total systematic protection for the industrial application
To protect your industrial application and receive the five-year extended warranty, you must protect any wire connected to a Phoenix Contact power supply, radio/any corresponding I/O module, or Valueline PC that exits the control cabinet. These connections can include, but are not limited to: power, antenna, digital or analog I/O, serial and/or Ethernet data connections.

An Overview
A full circle of protection by Phoenix Contact’s TRABTECH product line adds an extended five year, no-hassle warranty when purchased and integrated with the following Phoenix Contact product portfolios:
  • A ll Phoenix Contact A C to DC power supplies
  • A ll Phoenix Contact Valueline PCs
  • A ll Phoenix Contact wireless products Protecting the equipment protects the process, which pays dividends for today’s fast-paced environment with expectations of system availability – TRABTECH.
Click here to download the Trabtech Extended Warranty brochure.
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