The George T. Hall Company is Flowing with Badger Meter
11/7/2016 11:00:00 AM
Badger Meter ConferenceIn October of 2016, the George T. Hall Company attended Badger Meters annual industrial training at their Milwaukee Wisconsin factory, and learned there are some great product offerings for every type of flow application.

Badger Meter manufactures all of their flow equipment in the USA. They utilize highly advanced equipment in their manufacturing process including robotic welders and plasma cutters. This technology makes Badger Meters products available for quick delivery and ensures high quality.

Badger Meter offers a wide range of products to meet any flow application. Including:


Preso Differential Pressure Technologies - Clean fluids, high viscosity fluids, steam, gases, etc.

Gemini Cone Meter - digester gas, wastewater, bio-gas, crude, etc.

Coin Wedge Flow Meter

Coin Wedge Flow Meter - polymers, syrups, asphalt, tar sands, molten sulfur, etc.

Ellipse Pitot tube Flow Meter - water, steam, and air ranging in pipe sizes from 2” to 100”.

Venturi Flow Meters - water, liquid flow, air and gas for low pressure loss applications.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters - liquid applications, uses ultrasonic and Doppler signals making it available for both clean liquids and liquids with suspended reflectors.

Badger Meter has also developed user friendly software to assist in the customer’s flow meter selection. These software’s include their Coriolis - RCT Selection Tool, and their Preso - PresoCalc.

Badger Meters advanced technology, reduced lead time, and complete product line make them great for any flow application.

Contact your local George T. Hall Company representative today for more information!

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