The 2016 Elko Mining Expo
6/16/2016 2:32:48 PM

"Swinging doors, bar stools, flashing lights, and smoke filled bar rooms” will not be found at the 31st Annual Elk Mining Show this week, here in the beautiful town of Elko Nevada. But this morning, today’s attendees rather will be focused on the products and solutions of various sorts for the mining industry.

Unlike other trade shows, here at the Elko Exposition Center, this trade show is solely focused on the exclusive and industrious mining industry. Therefore, every product is physically large. I mean large; equipment, vehicles, and the masses who attend.

For the 31th annual Elko Mining Exposition, the George T Hall Team presented the brand equity of some of our elite products, such as Honeywell, AT Controls, and Wonderware; a formable winning combination for this vertical market. Such Brand Equity easily proceeds our competitors with their second tier offerings.

Suddenly, a stir of adulation soon took place adjacent to the GTH booth. Two Las Vegas show girls, Susie and Diane, appeared presenting their wares from booth to booth. Recognizing my opportunity, I solicited their presence into our booth for any promotional assistance that they could provide. It Worked!

While admiring their beauty, I was soon overtaken by the mob of hungry and unchaperoned miners that over took the booth. Both girls, however, were influential in attracting additional potential customers. Their services rendered to GTH will assist in our future promotional presales and post-sales support; I am sure.

Pride of Appearance took first place with the display of advanced technology in the form of "Drones”. I mean serious Drones. These drones according to the Guy Azulay of the "Top Gan Technology Office” in Oceanside California, are used at mining sites for the development of topographical mapping solutions, inspections and investigations at remote equipment and vehicle areas, etc.

The Elko Mining Expo is a family affair. Miners with their families, strollers, pets, and siblings attend the show with a miner’s passion of passing down their heritage to their children; the future generation of miner’s. It is their tradition. So, it becomes easy to see that the audience or the attendees are just that; current miners and a future generation of miners soon to follow.

As a result, remember, this is not a "buyer’s” show, but a display of exhibits which are used to explain to other family members, the tools of their trade. And yes, the children ask a lot of varied questions.

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