Shipping up to Boston!
10/7/2014 1:00:00 PM
Schnieder Electric
Schneider Electric is moving its corporate headquarters from Chicago to Boston. The new Boston One Campus is going to be a reflection of the types of products that Schneider Electric has be focused on selling over the past decade. The buildings on this campus will bolster many of the energy-saving products that Schneider Electric in known for and as a result the operating costs will be reduced by 30%. Not only will the corporate offices be moved, but in an effort to improve the growth of technology innovation with in the industry, the new Boston One campus will be the site of the North American R&D hub. This will be a complement to the existing R&D centers in Bangalore, Shanghai, Grenoble, and Monterrey.

Even though the president and CEO of Schneider Electric, North America, Laurent Vernerey will be moving with the corporate offices to Boston the company officials have made it clear that the remaining employees in the Chicago manufacturing facility will be unaffected by the corporate move.

You can read the full article, "Schneider Electric to move US headquarters to Andover" in the Boston Globe.
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