Schneider Electric hosted a product update at the GTH Reno office.
9/8/2015 12:00:00 PM

Scheider ElectricSchneider Electric hosted a product update at the GTH Reno office. GTH technical staff as well as about 10 customers from the Water/Wastewater industry attended this lunch and learn. Among other things, we were introduced to the M580 ePac (Ethernet based programmable automation controller). The M580 is built around the M340 family of I/O and brings much more power and flexibility to the front end. The platform is programmed with Modicon Unity Pro Software.  This new platform offers much in the way of servicing remote I/O: Ethernet, COAX, or local. Coming in the near future will be the ability to use this new processor to interface with Quantum I/O over coax. This enhancement is coming in Q4 of 2016.

Another interesting product that was on display was the Magelis STU line of HMI panels.  We have used these in some of our panels in the Reno shop. What is unique about these is the fact that they mount through a standard 22mm punch.  They have 2 piece construction that allows this mounting. This is especially handy in retrofit applications.  Your customer won’t have to cut out a square, just a 22mm punch.  Communication is via Ethernet or serial. 

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