Rittal’s TS8 Modular Enclosure-Flexibility and Efficiency
7/13/2017 1:30:56 PM

Like kids playing with Legos and erector sets, using Rittal’s TS8 enclosures makes it easy to build a custom and efficient panel with all the specs that your project calls for and your mind can imagine. The TS8 leads Rittal’s vast line of enclosures with a highly innovative and remarkably flexible construction with over more than 100 versions off the shelf and comes in carbon steel, and 304 and 326 stainless steel varieties. Easy installation, baying assembly, and reconfiguration, the TS8 is designed to be anything you need.

Please see the video below showing everything that the TS8 can offer.


The George T. Hall Company’spanel shop supplies panels with the full line of Rittal enclosures, including the TS8.Each panel is fully customized, assembled, and tested by our technicians and engineers before leaving our shop.

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