Rittal, TS8 Freestanding Modular Enclosure
4/13/2017 10:00:00 PM

The Rittal TS8 Freestanding Modular Enclosures are perfect for utilizing space in a control cabinet. The ability to mount controls, wiring duct, and lighting on any of the walls and mount the walls to the frame separately.

  • Efficiency
    • Easy enough for one person assembly
    • Space Optimization
  • Flexibility
    • Unique Frame Structure
  • Quality
    • Indoor/Outdoor Solutions
    • Surface Treatment to Automotive Industry Standards
    • Large-scale production with consistently high quality
  • Safety
    • Lighter Cabinets
    • Easy to use and Assemble

Click here to download the Rittal Modular Enclosure Guide.

Please watch the following video for a full overview of the Rittal TS8 Freestanding Modular Enclosure presented by Steve Sullivan.


The George T. Hall Company is an authorized integrator for Rittal and has experience with the TS8 modular enclosures, for more information please contact your local GTH salesman.


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