Put Your Name On It!
3/2/2017 1:10:05 PM
Back in the day everyone "Put their Name on it”, and they did it with a hammer and a die punch. Men and Women took pride in what they did and the product they put out, there was no pointing fingers and passing blame. They made things with their hands, their sweat, and their tears. There are still great craftsmen out there that hold their products to high standards and put their names on everything they touch and take responsibility and pride in his or her skills.

At first glance this video is just about a gun manufacture, but watching it I was amazed with the process that goes into each and every rifle that is produced by the company and how much this video relates to all of the products that the George T. Hall Company provides. Metal Forging, Extruding, and Heat Treating are predominate in this documentary and these processes fall right into the industry of temperature control. The engineering and plan drawing can easily fit into the GTH CAD and Engineering Department and throughout the video you will also see control panels and automated systems. These are all processes and controls that relate directly to the George T. Hall Company, but what got me the most is seeing how every worker puts their name on the product with pride.

Watch a very old video below, "How it’s made-Remington Rifles”. In this video you see how far we have come with computers, automated systems, and engineering, but you will get to see how much craftsmanship was put into the Remington Model 1100 rifle.

Even though there is a lot of automated production, nothing can replace the craftsman’s touch. In this video you will see heat forging, heat treating, metal machining, precision quality testing, production automation, and engineering. Even though a lot has changed over the years, many of these methods and techniques still hold strong to this day. This is not just in the Remington Factories, there are many manufactures that run very similar, automation technology has evolved but the quality of the products are still strong.

When it is your turn to "Put your Name on it”, do it with pride. Don’t bypass quality for quantity, don’t dismiss experience for cost efficacy, adapt and evolve with the ever changing world, use the advances in technology to improve your work and profitability, but don’t sacrifice time honored techniques for time and money.

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