Phoenix Contact's Cabinet Confidence Infomobile
8/17/2018 1:24:48 PM
Phoenix Contact Infomobile

Come out to our Sparks office to see
Phoenix Contact's Cabinet Confidence Infomobile
and enjoy Kenji's on us!

Phoenix Contact is a global market leader in industrial electronics and automation technologies. Our expertise and commitment to innovation across a wide range of industries enables you to build your control cabinet with confidence. With a focus on cost-effectiveness, quality, flexibility, and performance, Phoenix Contact delivers.
Our new Cabinet Confidence Infomobile allows you to participate in a virtual control cabinet experience, as well as a hands-on product experience.

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September 5th, 2018


By August 28th to Susie by phone 775.356.7401 or email

Power, protect, and connect with Phoenix Contact, your trusted partner for cabinet solutions.

The heart of your control cabinet. 
- Industrial PC/HMI
- Programmable controllers
- Stand-alone controllers
- Remote I/O
Power reliability  
Don't overlook the basics.
- Protection from transient overvoltages 
- DIN rail power supplies 
- Protection from circuit over-currents 
- Power distribution 
- Monitoring and metering
Never take a good connection for granted.
- Terminal blocks
- Relay switching
- Analog signal isolation and conversion
- Panel entry
- Field connections
Machine safety means more than OSHA regulations.
- Distributed safety networks
- Basic safety controllers
- Safety relays
- Intrinsically safe isolators 
Networking and remote connectivity  
Proper implementation means   
increased productivity. 
- Ethernet switches
- Wireless Ethernet
- Network security
- Routing and remote access
- Wireless I/O and serial
EtherNet/IP and PROFINET solutions  
Make cost-effective and open  
solutions a reality.
- System visualization
- Ethernet switches for EtherNet/IP
- Ethernet switches for PROFINET RT and IRT
- Remote I/O
Shop floor productivity  
Time is money.
- Planning and marking software
- Identification systems
- Industrial tools
- Cable management
- Accessories

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