OFFER EXTENDED - Honeywell Smartline Transmitter Buy 4 now and receive 60% off!
10/11/2016 3:35:44 PM
When a product is innovative we always find ourselves asking, "what took them so long?” and that is what Honeywell’s new Smartline transmitter has done to the industry!The ST700 and ST800 pressure transmitters have the accuracy and reliability that Honeywell has always been known for but coupled with the advanced display for monitoring and on the spot configuration, system integration, and modular design the Smartline is just as its name suggests, "Smart”. With the Honeywell Smartline Transmitters it only takes minutes to replace electronics and can even be done in the field under power, this limits time loss from removing a sensor from pipelines or network. With the modular design we can reduce your onsite inventory and will lower overall operating cost.

Buy 4 and Receive 60% off!!!
And now Honeywell and George T. Hall Company is offering these transmitters at a 60% discount when you buy 4 before June 30, 2017. It will only take 4 Smartline Transmitters in your facility to make you want these in your entire plant, let us help you see the difference today.

Contact a GTH branch near you today to order your transmitters!

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