Now available from Honeywell, SmartVFD HVAC2 Variable Frequency Drives!
5/11/2017 3:35:52 PM

Honeywell has just announced the availability of their newest VFD’s which will replace their Compact VFD line as well as add motor sizes up to 25 HP. This is a very exciting upgrade to their VFD product line. As you will learn by reading the announcement copied below, there are several new features included that were not available in previous product offerings.

In addition, there are several external options available for mounting and there are sensor options available for control strategies.

Introduction of the SmartVFD HVAC2 Line of VFDs

Honeywell is pleased to announce the introduction of the SmartVFD HVAC2 lin (VFDs) available to all Commercial Distributors. This new offering provides a re minimizes HVAC energy consumption on fans and pumps. Honeywell’s SmartV energy savings and monitoring capabilities at an affordable price, with quality pr warranty and solid technical support.

The HVAC2s come with a look and feel similar to the SmartVFD Compact mode not available with the SmartVFD Compact, including:

  • SmartVFD HVAC2 extends the HP range up to 25HP to cover most HV
  • Frame sizes MI1-MI3 are the same small size and footprint as the Smar installation in tight spaces
  • Motor pre-heat, expanding operation in colder environments
  • Option board expansion slot – uses the same six option boards as Sma
  • Temperature input, via option board, for PID control, motor pre-heat se
  • Limit Supervisions for more flexible control of relay outputs to external d
  • Prohibit Frequencies, for avoiding resonant frequencies that cause unw
  • Permanent Magnet (PM) motor compatibility
  • DC choke on the higher horsepower MI4 and MI5 frame sizes reduces capacitors, increasing VFD life

Other features include Modbus communication as standard, the same on-board offered with EMC2 filters.

Product Availability

The NEW SmartVFD HVAC2 is in stock and available now for purchase.

The SmartVFD Compact will continue to be sold for the remainder of 2017. Take migrating your sales from the SmartVFD Compact to the SmartVFD HVAC2.

These new drives are competitively priced and carry a strong factory warranty. They are well supported by factory techs, and field training by distributors and Honeywell sales representatives. Documentation is readily available through George T Hall Co.

Downloads are available, including Bulletin 17-0016 which is the Honeywell product release bulletin and SmartVFD HVAC2 Presentation which is a Honeywell power point presentation that highlights everything that is new as well as provides comparisons from the Compact VFD’s and the SmartVFD HVAC to the new SmartVFD HVAC2.

Please contact me,, with any questions that you may have and I will be happy to assist. I would also be happy to provide competitive pricing for any upcoming projects that you are working on as well as information on the VFD repair services we provide.

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