New training simulators are learning from gaming technologies!
4/22/2014 2:30:00 PM
After sitting through an hour training seminar from a slide show, how much do you really retain? Control Engineering has discussed various approaches using new technologies borrowed from the video gaming industry to train new operators and teach in a simulated environment. Simulation techniques are a common denominator of some of the more interesting solutions, and they permit trainees to visit a 3D representation of a plant facility where they can turn valves, change operating setpoints, and sometimes fight fires or other disasters.

The model can be as realistic as necessary—exactly like the actual plant, in some cases—because such simulations are generally purpose-built for a specific facility. Watch the video on Control Engineering with Alastair Fraser, vice president of Invensys’ simulation and training business unit, explain how the company is responding to changing customer demands and creating these kinds of platforms.

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