New from Watlow! "Hazardous Locations Option" for use with the EZ-Zone EZK remote user interface controller.
2/24/2015 1:00:00 PM

WatlowWatlow recently announced a new option for EZ-ZONE EZK that is now available for "Class 1, Div 2 hazardous locations”. The remote user interface can be used as a communication gateway to connect any EZ-ZONE controller with standard bus to other system components using different communication protocols (Modbus RTU, TCP/IP etc.) (NOTE: This option is not available on standard bus communication controllers)

With this option, the EZ-ZONE EZK can now be utilized in hazardous environments where ignitable gases or dust are present, such as in Petroleum facilities, plating and anodizing, heattreating applications etc.

Target industries:
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Semi-Conductor
  • Power Generation
  • Heattreat
  • Textile
  • Woodworking
  • Painting

Verify that you and/or your customer are equipped with Class 1, Div 2 controllers. You now have this option to help meet the Hazardous compliance. Contact your local sales representative at George T. Hall Company to assist you with this product or with any other Watlow products.

Download the PDF for product enhancement options from Watlow!

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