Mind over Teenager Problems
7/7/2016 3:15:04 PM

I don’t know how many of you have children in their late teens still living at home, but the fact is that they are more expensive than when they were kids. "Dad, I need money for ____________”. All you have to do is fill in the blank. They may have a job, but more often than not, that money they get from working is for other things.

Anyways, it wouldn’t be so bad except that they don’t help out by trying to save money in other places. For example, my son leaves lights on, has to have the house at 72F in the summer, and used to go over the data limit on the cell phone we bought for him. The phone was easy to fix. I just cut his phone’s data option off when it got close to 100% usage. After doing this twice, he learned that he needed to stop going over the limit. Now when we get a message that usage is at 75%, he cuts way back. The air conditioning was more of a problem. Summer is when he is off from school, so from 9:00am to 5:00pm, he was often home and we weren’t. I would tell him that he wasn’t allowed to set the thermostat less than 76F. Somehow, when the electric bill came, it was almost triple that of a normal winter month. He would have his reasons. It was way too hot, or this or that. I considered a thermostat guard, which is a bad idea for a residence. I also considered punishment, but I felt there was a better solution. That solution came in the form of the new Robertshaw RS300 series thermostats that we stock for the school districts.

All the RS300 series thermostats have a feature that allows you to set a maximum high and low temperature for heating and cooling. If you are not familiar with the thermostat, there is no way you could know how to change those settings. The schools use them because they don’t want their maintenance dept. personnel having to memorize passwords. We bought one and we use it to keep our electrical bill from skyrocketing. I now set the max cooling for 75F or 76F. At first, my son thought the new thermostat was broken. After I explained, he complained for a while, but even that has now passed. This thermostat paid for itself in the first month.

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