Honeywell’s Summer Retrofit Promotion
7/19/2017 2:12:23 PM

Honeywell has recently announced a promotion on what they refer to as "Summer Retrofit” items. Their goal is to stimulate sales in a specific group of products that historically have shown high volume in the summer months, because of scheduled annual system maintenance and repair. As an example, schools perform preventative maintenance on their pneumatic systems and may require replacement components.

The eligible products for this promotion include Modutrol IV Motors, Commercial Dampers, Pneumatic Controls, Remote Bulb Temperature Controllers, Commercial Thermostats and Ball Valves (All VBN and VRN series).

Qualifying orders would need to include $5,000.00 or more of eligible products. They would need to be placed between July 17th and August 18th, 2017 and they should contain the promo code RETROFIT2017.

A qualifying order will receive an additional 4% discount off of the customer’s normal cost from George T. Hall Co.

Any customers interested in this promotion can get additional information including the complete "Eligible Products” list, by contacting me, and requesting it. If there is enough interest from multiple customers, we might be able to combine some orders to meet volume requirements and still provide smaller quantities to our customers. I would love to have conversations with anyone to try and take advantage of this promotion. We will have to act fast if we want to make this work.

Thank you all for your business!

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