Honeywell SmartLine Transmitters August Solution Spotlight!
8/3/2016 10:52:35 AM
Why Choose Honeywell SmartLine Transmitters?
With the Honeywell SmartLine’s easy to replace modular parts, you are not only able to repair and fix most problems in the field, but you can also repair and fix them without removing the transmitter from production. This can cut down maintenance costs and downtime. In addition to that, the easy-to-use display and three button configuration interface enables the SmartLine transmitter to perform more efficiently in the field with no need to carry handheld devices for local setup.

SmartLine Pressure Transmitter
The SmartLine pressure transmitter delivers total value across the entire construction, an advanced display and best integration features available when used with Experion PKS.
  • ST700 transmitter family - Absolute pressure, gauge pressure, flange mount and remote seal transmitters
  • ST800 transmitter family - Absolute pressure, gauge pressure, draft range pressure, flanged and remote seal transmitters
Leading performance and response time enables tighter control leading to reduced waste and higher product quality. Superior stability reduces frequency of calibration, reducing the overall maintenance costs.

SmartLine Level Transmitter
Honeywell’s SmartLine Level Transmitters use guided wave radar technology to measure the level of a wide range of liquid products on a large variety of installations within the stated pressure and temperature range.
  • SmartLine RM Series - Guided Level Meters
  • SmartLine RM Series - Non-Contact Radar Level Meter
SmartLine Temperature Transmitter
The SmartLine temperature transmitter sets a new standard for total performance in harsh and noisy process environments. All three transmitters can be used together to create the industry’s first modular and most reliable transmitters.
  • Temperature STT850
Higher accuracy enables tighter control leading to reduced waste and higher product quality. Superior stability reduces frequency of calibration which also reduces the overall maintenance costs.

Honeywell SmartLine Transmitter
Buy 4 Now and Receive 60% off!

Honeywell and the George T. Hall Company want to prove to you that the SmartLine transmitter is the best transmitter on the market. We are so confident that the SmartLine transmitter will exceed your expectations that we are offering a special discount to encourage you to replace your existing transmitter.

With the purchase of four transmitters, you will receive a discount of 60% off the list price. This is almost four transmitters for the price of one! This discount is valid for a maximum of four transmitters, orders must be placed before September 30, 2016. Click here for more details.

The George T. Hall PIT Crew has the ability to perform Ranging, Setup, and Configuration services on the Honeywell SmartLine Transmitters. This gives you the ability to cut down on installation time onsite. The GTH PIT Crew is able to take the parameters that you provide and configure your transmitter to your job specifications and perform ranging services in the field.

Contact the GTH branch near you to learn more about our capabilities!

Download the August Solution Spotlight!

Download the August Solution Spotlight!

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