Honeywell Release NEW IO Modules!
11/29/2017 3:02:27 PM

At last! Honeywell has released the new IO modules for the WEB-8000 family of controllers.

Remote IO modules for WEB-8000 Controller
Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of new IO-Remote modules for WEB-8000 controller family. These modules communicate with the controller with an updated NRIO driver over a dedicated RS-485 network. These IO Modules are supported by WEBs-N4.3 or higher.See Bulletin: 17-0039 for more details.

This release provides the ability to create high capacity control strategies under a single JACE within the WEBs N4 platform without migration. There is additional detail available in Bulletin 17-0039 and I advise everyone to download the bulletin as soon as possible from Honeywell here.

Please contact me at:, for additional information and pricing.

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