Honeywell ControlEdge PLC IIOT
7/31/2017 10:00:00 AM

ControlEdge PLC
Honeywell's new ControlEdge programmable logic controller is the first industrial PLC to offer universal I/O, with OPC UA protocol and built-in cyber security. It's designed to work with any SCADA system, and can be used with Honeywell Experion HS, LX, and PKS. Cyber security features include secure boot to prevent uploading of unauthorized software, firewall protection, and a certified secure development lifecycle to ensure security. A common HMI for both the PLC and Experion means fewer operator and engineering stations, less hardware and wiring, reduced IT licensing, and less training with common operator interfaces.

ControlEdge PLC provides faster system setup, testing and troubleshooting, flexible and scalable design, standardization with less hardware, investment protection and easier maintenance, built-in cyber security, seamless support, and reduced cost over the system's lifecycle.

Honeywell ControlEdge

ControlEdge contains the following key specifications:

  • 16-channel universal I/O for greater configuration flexibility and reduced engineering time
  • Integrated with Experion, Honeywell’s distributed control, SCADA, and safety system
  • Native controller redundancy and optionally redundant power supplies
  • Connects by Modbus and OPC UA protocols to your HMI
  • Cyber security ensuring the safety of the system, personnel and critical information
  • Up to 12 remote I/O racks with power supply and I/O scanner, all connected via Ethernet to a single CPU

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