George T. Hall Company Donates to the Northern Nevada Math Club!
11/10/2016 11:46:19 AM
NNV Math

The George T. Hall Company was excited to recently donate the the Northern Nevada Math Club! The Northern Nevada Math Club (NNVMath) is a young organization working to help kids find their joy of math. We believe that being in a "Math is Cool” environment appeals not only to the most talented math students, but to those who have a strong interest in the subject as well. How are we accomplishing this? We’re holding social, team based math competitions focused on grades 3-12! These fun contests are challenging and give students the opportunity to apply math they are learning and encourage them to develop their math skills further. They learn how to apply logic, and solve difficult problems as part of a team and doing so increases their confidence in their math ability.

Our efforts last year resulted in over 120 kids participating in our math competitions, two dozen kids participating in our competition math camps, and in July with the help of area volunteers, we were able to reach over 250 kids at area Boys & Girls Clubs of Truckee Meadows (BGCTM). Kids participating in our programs just don’t love it, it’s changing lives! We recently found out from BGCTM’s education director that one of the 7th graders who attended on financial need scholarship is crediting our camp with giving him the confidence to develop his math skills in order to test into the IB program at Wooster High School and skip 8th grade!

As more technology driven companies come into Northern Nevada, the need for workers who can fill the jobs those companies bring will continue to increase. By developing strong math and problem solving skills in our youth, we are developing a better workforce for our economic development needs for tomorrow.

Find out how you can donate Northern Nevada Math Club here!

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