Flexibility with the Watlow RMC EZ-Zone Controllers
4/3/2019 3:29:51 PM

The George T. Hall Company has been utilizing the versatile Watlow RMC (Rail Mounted Controller) for years in our project applications and panel manufacturing. The EZ-Zone controller’s flexibility and scalable operation allows for mixing and matching of I/O to configure 1 to 152 control loops and up to 256 monitor points. These controllers are an easy and often used solution for many of our applications.


The EX-Zone RM integrated controller has six module types including:

  • Integrated on-off
  • PID control
  • Monitoring and over/under temperature limit control
  • High-density monitor/scanner
  • Data logging
  • Field communications

GTH integrates these controllers into our custom designed and manufactured control panels and has the ability to program them to your specifications. If you have questions on these or any other controllers please contact your local GTH Representative so we can assist you with your next project today.

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