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5/23/2017 10:00:00 AM

Recently, I attended a Fireye Distributors meeting. The attendees were shown many of the changes that have already been applied…and changes that will be coming... to existing Fireye product. In addition, we were given information on new products that recently came off of field testing. The NXM2G is one of those items.

The NXM2G is a "plug and play” control that is energy saving and reduces the carbon footprint. There are no adjustments and no large manual to learn. It identifies the reason for heat loss and saves energy by reducing boiler cycling. It does this by taking a temperature reading from the flow and return every second and determining if there is a real demand for heat or if the boiler is dry or standby cycling. If it determines that the heat loss is from demand, then it allows the boiler to cycle. If it determines that the heat loss is not from demand, but rather through the boiler shell, it puts a limit on the number of times the boiler can recycle.

Following is a video presentation for the NXM2G. The presentation is offered in a common sense, plain English, easy to understand manner:

As you can see by the video, the payback is approx a 10% to 25% reduction in energy use with a typical payback period of around 2 years. Recently, Albuquerque USD ordered 72 units after Fireye had used these for pilot/field testing. The school district saw an approx 10% savings in the units that had the controls installed.

Here are a few notes on some of the items covered:

  • The MBCE-110FR/-110UV is a flame switch that has an adjustable flame relay pull in. It also has a 4-20ma output signal proportional to the flame signal.
  • PIMS is going to be a Fireye offering in 6-9 months. It is made by Fenwal which, like Fireye, is a company under the UTC umbrella. It will be competitive to the Honeywell SOLA offering.
  • In Fireye’s future is the Turbine Flame Scanner. The combustion portion of a gas turbine requires flame detection. Fireye is going to offer theirs with a 4-20ma, not a relay contact. They have been working with GE, but there are no results yet. They are looking to work with Capstone Turbine and Solar Turbine also….both of which we sell to.

If you have any questions, contact Paul Summerlin, in our Anaheim Corporate office. 

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