Double up on Contractor Pro Points from Honeywell!
6/4/2015 11:30:00 AM

Honeywell Field Services

During the month of June, 2015, Honeywell is offering double the Contractor Pro (CPRO) Points for purchases of their "Field Devices”. That means that contractors will be awarded double the amount of points on, valves and actuators, economizers, pneumatics and variable frequency drives. CPRO Points can be redeemed for a lot of things including marketing materials, training and even cash for future Honeywell product purchases.

For our WEBax contractors, the points can be applied to Momentum 2015 registration. This is a very important conference that only happens once every two years and is more important this year because the Niagara4 (WEB4) platform is being released by Tridium.

For currently registered CPRO members, be sure that your eligible purchase information is provided to Honeywell. George T Hall Co. maintains a spread sheet listing all of the member contractors that we deal with. Be sure that your company is listed. For contractors that are not on our list, please contact us immediately and we will see that all of your eligible future purchases will be recorded. At the end of each month, we send the updated spread sheet to Honeywell so that the contractors will be credited with new CPRO Points.

For contractors not currently signed up at Honeywell Contractor Pro, follow this link, and register right away. Then contact us so that your eligible sales will be added to our spread sheet. If you are currently purchasing from a distributor that does not report eligible CPRO sales, it is probably time for you to start buying from George t Hall Co.

Remember, double points for purchases of valves and actuators, economizers, pneumatics and variable frequency drives (items that you buy and sell frequently)! This is too good to pass up. Let us help you get your free money!

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