Control Valves and Actuators June, Solution Spotlight
6/1/2016 1:01:04 PM
Control Valves and Actuators
Valves and valve actuators are critical components in any industrial process facility. Industrial control valves are devices that regulate, direct, or control flow and distribute fluids or gases across a facility. With the addition of an actuator you can automatically control theses valves. While manually operated valves require someone to monitor and operate the device, a power-operated actuator allows a valve to be adjusted remotely and enables rapid operation of large valves. These valves and actuators can be found in waste water treatment plants, power plants, refineries, mining and nuclear processes, pipelines, and many others. Need assistance selecting the right valve or actuator for your application? Contact a GTH branch near you!

Industrial Valves & Actuators
When you think of Industrial Valves and Actuators, most likely Honeywell comes to mind. Honeywell still sells globe valve and actuators but they sold off the 01-05 Air-O-Motors as well as their other industrial actuators and valve bodies back in 1998. These were purchased by Dezurik who continued to produce the valves and actuators until 2008. At that time, they sold the product line to Nor’East Controls. Nor’East has trimmed the offering slightly, but still covers the same applications and they have kept most of the same part numbers. From casting to assembly, their valves and actuators are 100% made in America. George T. Hall Company has experience specifying these products into a number of industries including oil and gas, food and beverage, mining, water/wastewater and power generation.

A-T Controls
Control Ball Valves
Need a ball valve? George T. Hall Company has what you are looking for! For a standard W-O-G ball valves, Triac offers the series 22 stainless steel ball valve with a two piece design in sizes from ¼” to 3”. These valves are offered with direct actuator mounting options that include pneumatic and 4-20ma. For a ball valve that can be repaired in the field and has the option of a ball that can be used for control, the series 88 is the right choice. These also have direct mounted actuators with various inputs. Other ball valve lines offered by GTH include Honeywell, Maxitrol, Watts, Apollo, and Johnson Controls.

HercuLine Electric Actuators
Honeywell’s HercuLine® electric actuators are designed for precise positioning of dampers and quarter-turn valves. They perform exceptionally well in demanding environments and simplify configuration, process monitoring and maintenance for users. Honeywell’s HercuLine actuators offer precision and high-reliability to ensure processes operate at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime and the lowest lifetime cost. Users benefit from reduced maintenance, accurate control, and repeatable performance. In addition, Honeywell offers the HercuLink software which provides access to programming and communication functions using RS485/Modbus communications.

Valve and Actuator Sizing Tools 
A number of our key vendors have online tools available to assist with the proper selection of Valves and Actuators. Click on the links below to learn more!
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