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4/28/2015 2:00:00 PM

As a member/partner of the distributor group CGNA (Controls Group North America), the George T. Hall Company enjoys a great relationship with Automation Components, Inc. (ACI). ACI manufactures sensors of virtually every type. They offer temperature sensors of all types and all ranges for room, duct, insertion, strap on or outside and they offer an array of enclosures that will certainly meet any requirement. In addition to temperature sensors they provide humidity sensors, current sensors, pressure sensors and gas sensors. As a CGNA Member, we are able to offer very competitive pricing to our HVAC Contractor and Control System Integrator customers.

Overview of the different types of sensors and other products:
Temperature sensors including 20KNTC thermistors are available as well as RTD’s, temperature transmitters and semi-conductors and they are all available in just about any range that you can imagine.

Humidity sensors also include all imaginable configurations such as duct, wall and OSA. Also under the Humidity category, you will find enthalpy controllers and differential enthalpy controllers.

Current switches are available in solid core, split core, low current trip and more. They also offer current sensors that provide analog output for monitoring current as a variable input. They even provide power meters at very competitive pricing!

Pressure sensors are available for a very wide range of applications including both wet and dry. They also provide pressure switches and accessories like pitot tubes and pickup ports.

Gas sensors include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, toxic gas, combustible gas and refrigerants.

Under the heading of interface devices they offer quite a selection of inputs and outputs including re-scaling modules that are very often a solution to an otherwise insurmountable problem.

Wireless sensors are available for a wide variety of applications like temperature and humidity as well as on/off. This can bring an economical solution to those situations that are seemingly impossible to hardwire.

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