Better Together: An Integrated Answer
9/29/2016 4:12:07 PM
Honeywell’s flexible, scalable Experion® LX* DCS tightly integrates with SmartLine® field devices for more intelligent operations that bring a wide range of benefits:

  • Simpler, quicker design engineering
  • More uptime and fewer start-up delays
  • Safer operation and better protection
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved quality and profitability

Ubiquitous, intelligent field devices are helping plants eliminate process variable uncertainty. With better visibility, functionality and diagnostics, plants achieve greater efficiency, reliability, safety and security. With an integrated solution you can build on these benefits, enhancing situational awareness and employee productivity, while reducing start-up times and eliminating risks for new projects.

To learn about the details of this integrated approach, download our application note "Experion® LX and SmartLine®: Made for Each Other; Made for Your Plant” / "PlantCruise by Experion® and SmartLine®: Made for Each Other; Made for Your Plant” and send us an email to connect on this topic!

Download the PDF flyer!

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