Attention WEBs Contractors
4/11/2017 11:00:00 AM

Attention WEBS Contractors! Double Contractor Pro Points available for a short time.

To help with your early spring projects, Honeywell is offering Authorized WEBs Contractors an opportunity to earn double Contractor Pro Points on qualifying purchases of WEBs & Stryker products.

The double points will be in effect for purchases (invoices) between March 13thand April 28th, 2017. .

Please see the list of qualifying products below;

Eligible Products:

Integration Platform Products

-Legacy WEB Controllers (i.e. WEB-300E, WEB-600E, etc.) and new WEB-8xxx series

-Supervisor software and all drivers, including Maintenance

-Parts & Accessories including Security controllers

Configurable Unitary Controllers

-Strykers - Lon & BACnet


-BACnet Fixed Function Thermostat

Promotion Dates:

March 13 - April 28, 2017

Please contact me at or our inside sales group at if you have any questions or if you need additional product information and technical support.

Contractor Pro Points are a valuable asset that can be used as cash for additional product, literature and training throughout the year. Be sure to make use of the CP Points you are earning! If you are not aware of the many benefits provided by this program you should call me right away. DO NOT LET THESE POINTS GO TO WASTE!!!

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