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Honeywell Thermal Solutions

Meeting Increasingly Strict NOx Emissions Standards was featured in the February 2017 issue of Process Heating magazine and was written by the Honeywell Thermal Solutions Product Manager, Jessica Irons. This article focuses on the challenges involved in reducing NOx emissions and offers guidance on the selection of effective burner and control technologies in process heating applications.

GTH is well known throughout the industry for our expertise in Combustion applications. In addition to products from leading manufacturers such as Honeywell, Fireye and Maxon, we also offer a wide range of system solutions such as Combustion Efficiency Upgrades, 1146 and 1147 compliance, rebate assistance, energy metering and monitoring and NFPA retrofits. We have Custom Product Solutions designed specifically for Combustion applications, including our FSG Training Boards and the GTH Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) Case.

Our experience spans a variety of Commercial and Industrial markets such as:

Healthcare Industry
Boilers rooms are a critical part of any hospital and The George T. Hall Company is well suited to help improve energy efficiency or help comply with local AQMD regulations.
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Heat Treat Forging
The George T. Hall Company provides solutions, services, and products for the Heat Treat, Forging, and Extruding Industries with our extensive knowledge of combustion, electric heat, and digital control.
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Food and Beverage
Weather it is baking, frying, boiling, or toasting The George T. Hall Company and supply the correct burner and burner controls for your application.

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Refining Petrochemical
The George T. Hall Company is representative for many manufactures of burners, flares, flame safeguard controllers, and burner control systems and has the ability to assist with start-up and programming to have your site up and running in a timely fashion.
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Mineral and Mining

The George T. Hall Company offers a number of services and products for Mineral and Mining. Our control systems can be found run critical control systems at numerous mines throughout California and Nevada.
>>Learn more about Mineral and Mining solutions.

GTH offers a number of training courses on products and solutions for Combustion applications. To schedule an on-site training course please contact us today!


WARNING: Fireye explains the risks of purchasing rebuilt and repaired Flame Safeguard controls.