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Energy Management
Key to our customer's success in these challenging times is a reduction in energy usage and emissions. While we are capable of retrofitting easy targets such as lighting or HVAC we also know that 90% of energy savings are actually at the process level.

Without the proper tools to meter, monitor and improve your process it can be almost impossible to make educated decisions about where to begin with an energy reduction program. In addition to ROI, there are other factors to consider. The "Prius Effect" (also known as Conspicuous Conservation) is becoming widely known as the impact of energy information on behavior. Studies have shown that when you display energy data to building occupants in a dashboard format, they tend to conserve out of a desire to positively impact the earth and be perceived as "green" by their peers. There are also other benefits to energy upgrades such as the impact on publicity and marketing activities, LEED recognition and participation in programs such as Demand Response.

Organizations such as AQMD and the new ISO 50001 International Energy Management System Standard are ever increasing pressures to address critical aspects of energy performance.

Our personnel have the experience and knowledge to assist you in developing and executing a plan to reduce your usage and meet all of your requirements in the areas of building and plant energy management:

  • Combustion efficiency
  • Motor Control
  • Power Management
  • Process Data
  • Production Data and Benchmarking



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