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AQMD 1153

AQMD's Rule 1153 is for commercial bakery ovens. This rule applies to in-use ovens, dryers, smokers, and dry roasters with nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from fuel combustion that require South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) permits and are used to prepare food or products for making beverages for human consumption


The George T. Hall Company (GTH) offers a number of products and engineered solutions to help you conserve energy, save money and improve the environment. With our experience in Industrial and Commercial spaces, and our proficiency with local and federal regulations and energy rebates, we have the expertise required to recommend, design and implement the right 'green' solution to meet your needs.

Electrical Energy
There has never been a better time to go "green". Increasing energy prices, combined with the rebates offered by many local utilities, make payback periods shorter than ever before. GTH offers a number of energy saving instrumentation and systems for both Commercial and Industrial spaces. Many of these solutions can also be integrated throughout the facility to provide real-time information to both maintenance and corporate personnel.
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Natural Gas and Emissions
Combustion controls have advanced considerably in the past 10 years. New technology is capable of not only reducing energy usage but also improving system accuracy and extending the life of factory equipment. Many utilities are even offering flexible rebate spending for upgrades that can be proven to conserve natural gas! With ever-tightening air quality standards, it is more important than ever to reduce factory emissions. Whether you are looking to comply with local or federal regulations or just reduce your carbon footprint, our staff of Outside Sales and Field Engineers can customize a solution to meet the specific needs of your facility.
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Green Services
In addition to the products above, GTH also offers a number of "green" services to assist with your energy upgrade. Contact the GTH branch near you to schedule an onsite evaluation to determine what energy saving options are available for your facility!
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